Christine Young

I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

Buy at Newest Release Meghan’s Legacy Reviewed by: Val at eBookGuru I picked up Meghan’s Legacy for the mystery/ suspense aspect alone and found it to be one of … Continue reading

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Only a three day work week. Woohoo! Today I am going to work on my St. Patrick’s Day Anthology. I think the fae folk must be up next. They seem … Continue reading

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Back to school! Now I have to figure out how to get everything done. PBS training today and work on animation. I hope the animation session will help with book … Continue reading

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Finishing a book, wow! I saw on line someone blogging about the great feelings one has when the book is finished. Well, I’m a long ways away from finishing my … Continue reading

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One of the groups I belong to asked the question: How is it working with other authors on a project? Good and Bad. The Rogue’s Angels decided to work on … Continue reading

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The heroine is racing to the park to stop the duel. Will she make it in time? Will her brother survive? This is an action packed scene with bullets flying, … Continue reading

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I’m looking for some inspiration here. I’m sure the fae folk will give it to me once I start writing. The duel is about to take place. Ah–questions, how will … Continue reading

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What will happen this morning when there will be duels at dawn? Will the hero and the heroine survive? Will they ever get that first kiss? Will the hero see … Continue reading

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I’m looking for ideas: What is this feud all about? Could it be something so little as one family getting the last package of corned beef? Or could it be … Continue reading

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I actually wrote yesterday. Not a lot but I put word to paper which gives me a starting point today. As usual, the characters changed the plot line of the … Continue reading

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