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Christine ~ Thursday’s Thoughts ~ It’s A Reader’s Market! Or Is It?


What is the write path?

In many respects the Indie author has made buying books a reader’s market which is now glutted with free and cheap books. But is it really a reader’s market? Many of these books are not ready for publication. They are riddled with mistakes, bad grammar, poor character development and a host of other problems. On the other hand many fantastic writers have decided to publish their own work and make the money they so very much deserve.

Because so many authors/writers are publishing now, sales, except for a handful of authors have plummeted. Trends such as bundling books have surfaced. Is this good or bad? It’s hard to tell. I’m sure for the first few who have tried this it was good but as thousands follow the results will most likely drop.

I remember several years ago when the first free books became available on Amazon. I fell in with others and put some of my books up for free. I sold twenty thousand free copies of The Gift a civil war novella. My sales of my other books soared, too bad sales didn’t stay there.

Then, some indie authors discovering their sales are nonexistent, look for a small publishing houses in hopes of finding the success with the house where they could not on their own.

Author beware though, some of these houses are not legitimate, some find the work to excruciating for the meager profits and some are scams. However, their are well established small ebook houses that are honest and really work to help the author achieve success because the house’s success hinges on their authors.

I’m not sure where all of this is going or where we will end up. For sure, the indie author has shaken up the world of publishing with some major houses selling out.

I’d welcome your thoughts and input. Please feel free to comment.


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