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Christine ~ Nottoway Plantation New Orleans


Nottoway Plantation

Nottoway, the South’s largest remaining antebellum mansion lies between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The home was completed in 1859 for the John Randolph at the cost of $80,000 which he paid for without a mortgage. Many of the large mansions had what they called brag buttons on the bannister which told visitors the mortgage was paid. Obviously John did not have a brag button.


The White Room

This room is bright and beautiful. In the Randolph’s day this room was used for coming out parties and other celebrations. It was John’s favorite room. He had it painted completely white to show off the natural beauty of all of the women especially his seven daughters, six of whom were married there. Today it is used for many different events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, many other things. There is a painting of Mary Henshaw in this room (no relation) whose eyes are said to follow the viewer around the room. This affect is pronounced at night.


The home consists of 53,000 sq. ft. of living area. It has 365 openings, one for each day of the year. The house has two huge flights of granite steps in the front of the home. The left side was for ladies and the right side for gentleman. The separate stair cases were so that men wouldn’t see the women’s ankles beneath their skirts as they climbed.


Large water tanks on the roof provided running hot water for the mansion. When the weather was cool, pipes carried the water behind the many fireplaces in the home to heat the water.


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