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Christine ~ Moss Men of New Orleans

IMG_5693 IMG_5694

Spanish Moss hanging from Cypress trees.

Moss Men: In the early 1800’s these men collected the Spanish Moss from the Cypress trees in the area surrounding New Orleans. The Moss was used to stuff mattresses and the cushions of furniture.

Spanish Moss has a variety of uses some listed above. The outer great bark was removed and the remaining filaments were used for furniture and mattresses. These mattresses were known for being exceptionally cool.

Spanish Moss has had a number of different names. The French called it Spanish beard while the Spanish called the plant French hair. It has also been known as graybeard and tree hair. Spanish Moss derived from Spanish beard is the name that has stuck and is the most commonly used today.

Once inside the mattress or seat cushion the moss was lumpy. Before each use it would need to be smoothed with a rolling pin or other device  to get rid of the bumps.



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