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I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

Christine ~ Highland Honor ~ currently on sale for $0.99#MySexySaturday

Highland Honor is the first of three books about the MacPherson Clan. Callie Whitcomb and Hawke MacPherson are drawn to each other despite Hawke’s vows of revenge against Callie’s father.


Willfully stubborn, innocently courageous, Callie Whitcomb braves a journey through the treacherous highlands to the Macpherson castle. Callie flees from an unwanted marriage as well as her ruthless half brother. Naively she believes Colin MacPherson, the head of the clan, is loyal to her father and will give her sanctuary, protecting her from the vile plans that have been made for her.

As hard and as unyielding as the winter storms that sweep through the countryside, Colin is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has magically appeared on his doorsteps. Despite his vows of revenge against her father, she stirs his passion as well as his sense of justice…but to love her would violate all his vows of revenge.

Highland Honor


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On their wedding night, Hawke an Callie spend evening aboard his sailing ship, The Aphrodite.

Seven Paragraphs:

“I love this ship,” he spoke softly, and his words whispered across her cheek. “We would not have spent this night aboard the Aphrodite save the fact that Huntington still pursued you. In that, I am heartily glad. I could think of no finer place for a wedding night than here.”

His lips brushed her neck, then moved softly across her cheek, slowly brushing her lips. She knew she should protest, should cry nay. She should tell him she would leave and he could keep all he’d acquired by her marriage. Yet she could not speak, could not stop him. Indeed, she wanted to feel his touch upon her.

“Hawke,” she whispered, yet his lips molded more firmly over hers, his tongue stroking the soft fullness of her lips. Heat and fire swept through her, simmering. All that he did stoked a rising, molten inferno within her.

He pulled away from her and watched her, his eyes questioning, perhaps challenging. “Callie…” He whispered her name gently, his hands on either side of her neck, his thumbs gently stroking her chin and once more the line of her lips. “You have the softest lips I have ever kissed.”

“Then you haven’t much to compare them with?” she asked, and wondered at how inane she sounded.

But he laughed and kissed her once more, this time her lips seeming to part of their own accord. His tongue stroked and plunged. She swayed into him, remembering his other kisses and the heat that seemed to explode within her whenever he touched her so very intimately and so very gently. Nay, whenever he touched her at all.

He chose not to answer her question. “You tremble from head to foot. I will not hurt you. You are my wife, and you will be the mother of my children. I promise I will cherish you always and keep you safe.” Hawke’s voice was soft and gentle, yet still he commanded answers; demanded submission without even asking. He seduced by just a look, a simple touch, a smile.

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