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Christine Presents ~ take me: TWELVE TALES OF DARK POSSESSION

Please welcome Pepper Winters, Lynda Chance, Kendall Ryan, Skye Warren, Pam Godwin, Shay Savage, CD Reiss, Anna Zaires, Dima Zales, Shari Slade, Amber Lin, Gemma James and Jenika Snow  authors of take me; Twelve Tales of Dark Possession.

The authors will give away a $25 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn commenter. Use the rafflecopter code below to leave a comment.

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by Various Authors (boxed set)






Surrender to desire with 12 books by the hottest names in dark romance, including bestselling authors Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, and Lynda Chance.


CD Reiss – Spin

Jenika Snow – A Beautiful Prison

Pepper Winters – Destroyed

Skye Warren – Trust in Me

Kendall Ryan – Unravel Me

Anna Zaires & Dima Zales – Twist Me

Shay Savage – Otherwise Alone & Otherwise Occupied

Amber Lin & Shari Slade – Three Nights with a Rock Star

Pam Godwin – Deliver

Lynda Chance – Marco’s Redemption

Gemma James – Torrent


These e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be available for a limited time.





Excerpt from Deliver by Pam Godwin


He stalked toward her, mirroring the tilt of her head, knees and shoulders loose, and his gaze

holding her prisoner. A breath away, he paused, soaking in the subtleties of her tipped-up chin,

parting lips, and glossy but resolute eyes.



With the next breath, he launched, hands on her jaw, fingers spread around the back of her



His elbows dropped, shoulders raised, and he yanked her to him, lifting her on tiptoes, guiding

her mouth, taking it. His grip twisted through her hair as he drew in her upper lip and shoved her

against the fridge, following her with the weight of his body.


The kiss went fucking wild, their lips mashing in a frantic battle. His tongue plunged her mouth,

attacking, thrusting in and out, possessing her movements, owning her. Breath for breath, lick

after lick, he ate at her mouth, tasting, devouring.


He dropped his hands to her breasts, squeezing ruthlessly as he rolled his cock against her



His tongue tingled, his skin burned, and his head swam. God, she was a drug, and he was so

fucking high.


She gripped his biceps, bit at his lips, and threw her arms over his shoulders, her fingers

scratching the fuck out his back. He shuddered, loving it, but he was in control.


Reaching back, he grabbed her wrists and slammed them above her head. Their bodies ground

together, his forearms pressing hers to the fridge, their tongues dancing and clashing. Chest-to-

chest, hips fused together, he flexed his ass, dry humping her like a horny teenager.


Jesus, fuck, he didn’t care. He wanted her.


He leaned back to study her face and found strong smoldering eyes, sharp breaths, and swollen

wet lips. Whatever she saw in his expression made her mouth chase his and her fingers curl

around his hands. They kissed endlessly, fueling the fire and pushing his control long past the

point of discomfort before pulling back and starting all over again.


When he broke the kiss with a hand on her jaw, they panted as one, mouths open and so close

their bottom lips brushed. She peered at him through lowered lashes, and he stared back in

awe. What trembled between them wasn’t an if? Or even a how hard? Those were foregone.


The question they shared was simple.






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Pepper Winters – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

Skye Warren – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

Kendall Ryan – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Pam Godwin – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Gemma James – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Amber Lin – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

Shari Slade – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

Jenika Snow –Website | Facebook | Twitter

Shay Savage – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Anna Zaires – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Dima Zales – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Lynda Chance – Website | Facebook

CD Reiss – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter


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    February 3, 2015

    Welcome to my blog. I hope you have a great tour.

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