Christine Young

I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

Christine Presents ~ Angel Editing ~ Full service for Indie Authors

Angel Editing 4

For more information contact Christine Young

Angel Editing

Rogue’s Angels would like to help make the publishing process a little bit easier. We offer editing, proofreading, and covers at a reasonable price.

Rogues Angels have years of editing experience, starting in the 90’s. Please check out resumes at the Rogue’s Angels blog:

Or at the Rogue Phoenix Press Website: (we need a page and a link here, coming soon.)

Editing plus proofreading rates are:

$150 for under 50K words

$250 for 50K to 100K words

$350 for over 100K words.

Covers price varies. Please check out the Rogue Phoenix Press Cover site.

Once a cover is used it will not be used again.

Fast track covers:

C. L. Kraemer

C. L. Kraemer has been editing, in one form or another, since graduation from school.

Officially, her literary editing career began in 1998. She edited for three publishing houses and proofed for two. From 2007 through 2009, she was a copy editor for a newspaper in the Los Angeles area of California.

She has close to 100 books which she has edited at this time including an best seller and is continuing to edit for Rogue Phoenix Press.

Ms. Kraemer proofs for Rogue Phoenix as the need arises.

Christine Young ~ Editor

Christine Young has been writing since the early nineties. She sold her first book, Dakota’s Bride to Kenisington in 1998. Christine has been editing and writing for Rogue Phoenix Press since 2008.

She was a member of RWA for nearly thirty years and president of her local chapter for four years. Christine has published eighteen novels and three novellas.

Ms. Young has edited about thirty books for Rogue Phoenix Press.


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