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Christine Presents ~ Jack Gets His Man by D. E. Haggerty

Please welcome D. E. Haggerty author of Jack Gets His Man.

The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host.


Jack Gets His Man

by D. E. Haggerty


  1. How did you come up with ideas for your books?

I have no freaking idea. Really, I don’t know. Ideas are just constantly popping out of me. I’ll read a novel and think if they changed this or that it would be cool or what if that happened instead? When I’m out and about, I make up stories about the people I see all the time. People fascinate me. If you look close enough, they’ll whisper their stories right to you.
2. As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans?

Besides the next installment of the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives, Love in the Time of Murder, I have two other projects I’m working on. The first (assuming I don’t come up with another idea that I’ve just got to write right now!) is a continuation of Life Discarded. Although the book was a standalone, I’ve had several people ask what happens to the protagonist, Morgan, after the book ended. I didn’t really entertain the idea because I’m stubborn like that but all of a sudden I had an idea and I got really curious about Morgan as well. What’s she up to? Can she live with the guilt of what she’s done? And then I have an idea about a spy/thriller/romance set in Istanbul during the Second World War. I’d love to combine my fan girl obsession with the war and living in Istanbul.

  1. If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why?

Izzy! Izzy is the best friend of the protagonist, Jack, in Jack Gets His Man. She had her own story in Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem. She’s around my age (*gasp* above 40) and is just really cool. She’s a loyal friend, has a bit of an obsession with fast cars and has a really hot husband. She might be a bit of a klutz but we can’t all be perfect.

  1. If you were the casting director for the film version of your novel, who would play your leading roles?

Jude Law would totally rock the lead of Jack. I can totally see him in skinny jeans giving some love to Damien. Okay, so we’d have to give him a wig or something but that’s not too big of a deal. For Damien I’m going to have to say Channing Tatum because that man is just plain hot!

  1. When did you first decide to submit your work? Please tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step?

I took a hiatus from the legal world because I was going completely crazy (some say I still am but I’m pretty sure that’s just voices in my head). I wrote my first published work, Unforeseen Consequences, during this time and decided to try and find an agent and publish it. I only gave myself six months, though, and this was before the self-publishing craze. Needless to say, I didn’t get very far. I put the book away and went back to the suffocating world of lawyering. Several years later, my husband – knowing how unhappy I was – suggested I get the manuscript for Unforeseen Consequences out of the attic and publish it myself. I may have pushed him out of the way as I ran to the attic.

  1. Do you outline your books or just start writing?

Depends on the book really. I always have a very vague one-page description of the book from start to finish before I start writing but some books require more detailing before I get down to it. Jack Gets His Man is a romantic comedy and didn’t require as much planning before I started typing away.

  1. Do you have any hobbies and does the knowledge you’ve gained from these carry over into your characters or the plot of your books?

Totally! I have a degree in modern history, which I used to help me fill out the background of Buried Appearances (a historical mystery). I’ve been a military policewoman so my knowledge of police procedural helps with writing mysteries, but I take quite a few liberties with how crimes are actually solved to make the book funny or to try and create suspense. For example, the crime in Jack Gets His Man is not very involved as I wanted to give the knitting detectives a chance to solve it.

  1. Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your book?

I’m already busy with the third and final installment of the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives series. It will be the knitting detectives toughest case yet – not only are there no clues in this murder mystery but the accused murderer is Delilah, the granddaughter of one of the knitting detectives. Dee’s life is in shambles. She finally managed to pry herself from her husband’s clutches but now the man turns up dead and the police are pointing their fingers at Dee. As if she doesn’t have enough trouble trying to stay out of the slammer, the gray-haired knitting detectives decide that Dee being a widow is the perfect opportunity to find her a new man and put their matchmaking skills to use.

  1. What is your favorite reality show?

I am kinda, sorta, okay I’ll admit it, totally obsessed with Master Chef. I blame my husband for getting me hooked so he can’t complain when I make him watch an entire series without pause.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like to write a series.

I never thought I’d write a series because I usually don’t like them. But then I realized that I was being small minded. I like series with interconnecting characters and locations just fine as long as each book is a standalone. I hate cliffhangers. Like I think Amazon should punish authors that don’t make it clear that their book is a cliffhanger. In a way, series are fun to write because I get to keep having a relationship with the characters, delving further and further into who they are. Writing a series is difficult as well because I want the books to be standalones, but I don’t want to repeat too much information and bore readers that have read other books in the series. It’s a balancing act.





Everything seems to be going well in Jack’s life. His store is busy making money hand over fist and his best friend has found love. The new bookkeeper at the store discovers things aren’t actually as they seem. Someone is playing fast and loose with the store accounts. Jack’s bestie and his knitting group fancy themselves detectives and jump at the chance to solve Jack’s problems. When they aren’t re-enacting scenes from Mission: Impossible, they’re setting Jack up on dates and generally insinuating themselves into his love life. They’re determined to find love for Jack as well as his missing money. Will Jack catch a thief or find love? Either way Jack’s going to get his man.



The first candidate arrived promptly at 9:30 or at least his mom did. Danny ushered an elderly lady with a stern bun into Jack’s office and made a hasty retreat.

Jack just stared at her until Izzy cleared her throat and poked him in the ribs. “I’m sorry,” she said when Jack kept staring. “We were expecting someone named Fred. Is that you?”

The woman looked first at Jack and then at Izzy. “Of course that’s not me,” she snapped. “What kind of name is Fred for a woman?”

“Er.. um,” Izzy stumbled. “Do you know where Fred is?”

The woman rolled her eyes and harrumphed. “He’s in the bathroom. He always gets nervous at interviews.”

“Um. Okay,” Izzy was quick to respond when she saw Jack opening his mouth. Knowing Jack nothing appropriate was coming out of his mouth at the moment. “Can you have a seat outside while we conduct the interview?” Izzy could do prim and proper when necessary.

The woman gave Izzy the evil eye before turning on her heel and walking out. They never saw Fred.

Jack was licking his fingers when Danny ushered in the next candidate. “Hi!,” the enthusiastic candidate nearly shouted. “I’m Tim!” That part was definitely shouted.

Jack and Izzy stood to shake the man’s hand. He swayed a bit as he leaned forward. Jack took a sniff, but didn’t smell anything untoward. Tim collapsed in his seat while Jack stared at his hand in disgust. Tim’s hands were sweaty. Jack’s mouth pulled tight in a grimace and his nose scrunched in disgust.

“So Tim. Why do you want this job?” Izzy’s voice was overly enthusiastic in an attempt to bring Tim’s attention to her so he wouldn’t see Jack’s grimace. She need not have bothered. Tim had leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. When he didn’t respond, Izzy snapped her fingers. “Tim?”

“Huh? What?” He started.

“Have you been drinking?” Jack didn’t even bother to ask in a polite manner.

Tim shrugged. “Just a tiny drink to settle my nerves.”

Jack stood. “Okay. Thanks a lot for coming. We’ll be in touch.”

Tim looked confused but managed to struggle to his feet and lurch out of the door. Izzy was giggling uncontrollably by the time Jack sat back down. He snorted. “At least this isn’t boring.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but think I’m a European. After spending my senior year of high school in Germany, I developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. My flying Dutch husband and I have lived in Ohio, Virginia, the Netherlands, Germany and now Istanbul. We still haven’t decided if we want to settle down somewhere – let alone where. Although I’ve been a military policewoman, a commercial lawyer, and a B&B owner, I think with writing I may have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. That’s assuming I ever grow up, of course. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune, drinking entirely too many adult beverages, and reading books like they are going out of style, I write articles for a local expat magazine and various websites, review other indie authors’ books, write a blog about whatever comes to mind and am working on my sixth book.

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The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host.


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