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Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius


Pompeii once a thriving commercial port of 20,000 people was buried by 30 ft. of hot volcanic ash by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 24, AD 79. Before the eruption Pompeii was next to the ocean almost beachfront property. The eruption moved the shoreline away from Pompeii.


Pompeii was accidentally rediscovered in 1599. Excavations began in 1748. The ruins are suffering from neglect and government mismanagement. The ruins continue to breakdown during storms. They are working to restore the area but the funds are not there.


Originally this structure was an amphitheater. With Vesuvius in the background it was where gladiators and wild animals were locked in combat.



Remains and view from a casa of one of the richer families in Pompeii.


4,000 ft. Vesuvius is mainland Europe’s only active volcano. It last erupted in 1944 and sits in the middle of a 3,000,000 person metropolitan area. This is a photo of the caldera and below is a view of the surrounding area from the top.



End of the day and a sunset over the Bay of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius in the right background.


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