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I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

Vatican City

Taxi to train to subway, packed in like sardines in a can. We’ve been on packed subway trains before but nothing like this. While the train ride was relaxing and enjoyable while speeding through the countryside, the subway gave an exclamation point to walking.

The day was chilly and rainy, so spending it inside the walls of the Vatican turned out to be a great idea. We bought tickets before we left on this adventure and while we were walking to the entry, we decided to take a tour. (Thanks Ken for the great idea.)

I had no idea how vast the Vatican was. Without the tour we would have never seen or realized what we were viewing. The guides are art majors and extremely knowledgable. Truly enjoyed the tour and will always remember his most used words. “Now follow me.”


The Vatican contains 4 miles of displays in an immense museum complex. The museums feature ancient statues to modern paintings culminating in Michealangelo’s glorious Cistine Chapel. This is one of Europe’s top houses of art. There are no words to describe the painting on the ceiling.

This took Michaelangelo 4 years to paint. The ceiling depicts the history of the world before the birth of Jesus.

Basicillica San Pietro

Again, awe inspiring. I’ve never seen anything like this church. The interior was beautiful with statues and painting every where. One of the largest churches in the world.




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