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A Small Town With a Lot of Character ~ Orvieto

It was the coldest day so far. We’d left Rome and headed north amidst constant wind and rain. Research had led us to a small town with beautiful scenery. A funiculare, basically a cable car, took us up a steep hill to the picaresque village of Orvieto. Although some of the town lay below, the touristy part was on top. A shuttle took us into town where it continued to rain. If the sun had been shining we would have explored a bit more but our primary objective was to eat lunch.

Duomo di Orvieto is one of the most picturesque churches I have seen. The striped side view surprised me.

As I said earlier, the purpose of this visit was to eat lunch on our way to Tuscany. I can honestly say, I’ve not been too impressed by Italian food. Maybe my expectations were too high and maybe we weren’t eating at the right places. However our stop in Orvieto changed my opinion of the food. The dish, which I can’t remember its name was amazing. It was noodles with zucchini in a buttery sauce, reminding me of a dish I had in New Orleans where you could taste the butter. The stay was short but the food was outstanding.


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