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Wine Tasting in Tuscany


San Michelle a Torri is a family owned winery in Tuscany featuring Chianti wines. These grapes can only be grown in this valley. The San Michelle wines are organic and while this farm specializes in wine they also grow vegetables, pigs, chickens, barley and beans and wheat and so on…


Our tour was private by accident and we enjoyed talking with the knowledgeable young lady. This is a photo of the barrels the wine is aged in. There are three sizes; large, medium and small. These sizes control how much of the wine touches the oak of the barrel which effects the taste of the wine.

After the tour she brought us upstairs to taste three of their favorite wines and we were introduced to the change in flavor when different foods were eaten.



Pictures of the tasting room and the three wines we tasted. They were all good and we purchased one of each. Their olive oil receives recognition each year. They send a sample to a board where it is tested and tasted and given a stamp of approval.


A bit off the track of the wine but in August of 1944 the nazi’s were advancing on Florence. The 28th Maori Battalion from New Zealand protected the village and fought the Nazi’s. 120 of the villagers, the young, women and elderly hid in the cellar where the wine barrels are now. For the first 3 days they didn’t have food. The Maori learned they were hiding and brought them food. They stayed in the cellar for about 14 days. In Italy 230 Maori soldiers died but all 120 of the villagers lived.


This is a memorial to the Maori solders who fought and protected this village. Every year in August the people from this small town gather to say thanks to the men who protected them. One member of the battalion who is now 92 returned with his family in August to commemorate the victory over the Nazi’s.

One of the children who hid in the wine cellar returns often to tell stories of the past, keeping the memory and the horrors of Nazi Germany alive.





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