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Pisa Italia ~ The Home to the Leaning Tower

A beautiful sunny day greeted us in Pisa. Finding a parking spot is always more difficult than it should be, but we finally found one a couple of miles from the tower. The sunny 70 degree day was perfect for a walk. Everyone, well almost everyone, wanted to hold up the tower. I should have taken a picture of that. At one place I could see at least five people thinking they could keep the tower from falling.


From 1000 – 1300 Pisa was a sea trading power. The Romans made it a naval base and by medieval times the town was a major sight. Today Pisa is known for two things: Its University and the Field of Miracles. The Field of Miracles has three sights, The Duomo, Baptistery, and the Tower.

The Tower was built over 2 centuries by at least three different architects. The first stones were laid in 1173. Five years later the Tower was obviously sinking on the  south side into the marshy, unstable soil. They continued building despite the sinkage, finishing four stories then stopped construction. For a century the Tower sat half finished and visibly leaning.

It was finished around 1372. Several attempts were made to stop its slow motion fall. You can see how each successive architect tried to correct the leaning problem. Once half way up and once at the belfry at the top. In 1990 the tower was closed for repairs and 30,000,000 dollars were spent trying tostkbilize the structure. Success came when sixty tons of soil was sucked from under the base on the north side which straightened its lean by six inches.

As we all know from our elementary science classes, Galileo reputedly conducted gravity experiments from the Tower some 400 years ago.


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