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Venice ~ The City of Canals

Venice and a gondola ride was on my bucket list. Now it’s done. The ride wasn’t exciting like Ice Mountain at Disney Land but it was peaceful and wound its way through the small canals of Venice onto the Grand Canal and back through the smaller waterways. The Piazza was packed with tourists and seagulls. I’d hate to be there in July or August. Like everything else in Europe there are too many lines and people waiting to see things that were easily viewed in years past.


We had hoped to be in Venice on a sunny day but the low lying clouds failed to burn off until about 4:30. The rays of sunshine hit us when we were in the gondola gliding through the canals.


Venice is Europe’s best preserved big city. It is a car free wonderland of one hundred islands four hundred bridges and two thousand alleys. Born in a lagoon 1500 years ago as a refuge from barbarians, Venice is overloaded with tourists and is slowly sinking.

Venice is home to 58,000 people in its old city, down from twice that number just thirty years ago.

The city has battled rising water levels since the 5th century. Today the water seems to be winning. Several factors, natural and man-made, cause Venice to flood about 100 times a year, a phenomenon called the acqua alta.

Under water mobile gates are being installed on the floor of the sea at three inlets whereto sea enters the lagoon to help control the flooding.


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