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A Wall to Defend the City Kept it safe from the Sea

Starting the day with a drive to Pisa, we eventually found our way to small town of Viareggio where we ate lunch at a small cafe near the ocean. It is know as a seaside resort as well as being the home of the famous carnival of Viareggio. The city traces its roots back to first half of the 16th century when it became the only gateway to the sea for the republic of Luca.

After a buono lunch we travelled a few miles down the road to Lucca. Behind the wall that is Luca we found busy shops and a bustling atmosphere. Though it hasn’t been involved in a war since 1430 Lucca is Italy’s most impressive fortress city encircled by a perfectly intact wall. In its heyday, Lucca contained 160 towers and 70 churches within its walls. Each tower was the home of a wealthy merchant family.


Lucca has had a protective wall for 2,000 years. The town invested a third of its income for more than a century to construct the wall to keep away the Florentines and the Pisans. In fact, nobody has ever tried to attack the wall. Locals say the only time it actually defended the city was during an 1812 flood of the Serchio River.


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