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Firenze ~The Home of the Renaissance and Birth Place of the Modern World

Thirty minutes from our Castello we arrived at the supermarket in Florence, jumped on the tram and rode into the old part of the city. Florence or Firenze is also called the Athens of the Middle Ages. img_0253

The edificio/building in front is the baptistery and behind it with the dome is Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. This Duomo has the third largest nave in Christendom. The Cathedrals is known for its magnificent dome, the first Renaissance dome. The dome was built in only 14 years.

Florence was the least congested large Italian city we have visited. It was a welcome relief to stand in line a mere 30 minutes to see the original statue of David. The weather cooperated and was pleasant and as far as the forecast went we didn’t have a thunderstorm at 3:00.

Giotto’s Tower is in the bottom left corner. It is 270 feet tall and was built 2 centuries before the age of Michelangelo. The tower is a campanile, bell tower.

The floor of the church was relaid in marble tiles in the 16th century.

Hard Rock Cafe’s are out favorites. We eat there whenever we can and I collect pins. This one is in Florence.

In Galleria dell’Accademia one will find the original statue of David by Michelangelo. 1501 was the year the 26 year old artist was commissioned to carve this statue which was meant to be placed on the roofline of the cathedral. Instead it was placed at the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio then moved indoors in the 19th century.



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