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Our Home for Six Days ~ Castello di Montegufoni

When we arrived it was the coldest day of our trip. The rain was falling and the wind was blowing. They don’t heat the rooms unless you ask and are willing to pay for each night. Needless to say, I was far from impressed and ready to nix all castles. As it turned out, the time at the castle and in Tuscany proved to be fairly relaxing. Our hardest day was the 3 hour drive to Venice, another cold day. But of course Venice is worth the trials. The sun did come out as we were drifting along the canals in our gondola.


From our castle this photo was taken of a full moon over the Tuscan Valley. The night was picturesque and so pleasant. I was lucky to get this photo with my phone, with my camera there was way too much light. The moon doesn’t appear full but it was.


Olives ready to be picked and there is also a grove of lemon trees below the castle.

The first statue is Lantona mother to the god and goddess Apollo and Diana. As the story goes, she is about to turn the peasants into frogs. The boys/men on the right are throwing sticks and stones at her to keep her from her nefarious ways. The bottom picture which is hard to see Рfocus on the green is one of the peasants already turned to a frog.

The earliest written records of the castle date back to 1135 when it was destroyed by the Florentines. Since then the castle has been rebuilt and added on to many times in the following centuries. In the 1970’s rooms in the castle were renovated to provide apartments for rent. Today there are 40 rooms available to the public.


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