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Christine Presents ~ Lyrical Press authors of contemporary romances

Please welcome Lyrical Press authors of contemporary romances

Lee Kilraine, Janice Maynard, Irene Onorato, and Cynthia Tennent will be awarding a digital copy of all the books to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Crazy Love

by Lee Kilraine


GENRE: Contemporary Romance





Tynan Cates’s military days are over. He’s home among family, friends, and his three-legged rescue dog in Climax, North Carolina—but his new employee is stirring up feelings he thought he’d left behind . . .


Pint-size Lulubelle Swan is not Ty’s—or anyone’s—idea of a construction worker. But she’s so eager to join his crew for the Climax library renovation that he gives her a shot . . . and she totally lives down to his expectations. Aside from her fear of ladders, she’s a hazard every time she picks up a hammer. He’d toss her out on her tight little tush, but he gets the feeling she needs the job—or at least, needs something . . .


Lu’s trying her hardest, but she’s no handywoman. She’s sought out Ty because he served in Afghanistan with the man she loved—and nearly three years after losing Joe, she still can’t move on. Hiding her true intentions, she spends hours with Ty, trying to get him to talk about the past—and in the process, learn how to face the future on her own. But when her quest for closure gets complicated, she may have to open her heart in unexpected ways . . .







The bell tinkled as she swung the door open, leaving their hushed whispers inside. She slumped onto the bench in front of the bakery, lifting her face to the sunshine. How did they keep putting up with her? Hell, she was sick of herself. Sick of feeling stuck in this sucking sadness. She swatted the paper onto the palm of her hand so hard it stung. Serves me right. I’m a pain in the ass to everyone else, even if they’re too nice to admit it.


The paper crinkled in her hands and she unrolled it, staring again at the smiling faces in the photo. Her eyes skimmed the headline: “World’s Sexiest Man off the Market.” It wasn’t the newly engaged movie star who drew Lu’s attention, though. No, it was his brother, standing next to him. Joe’s rifle squad leader, Staff Sergeant Tynan Cates. She’d never met the man, but she had a vague memory of Joe telling her his sergeant had a famous brother. He looked happy, his big, wide smile flashing up at her. Taunting her.


He’d lost a few men in the firefight that took Joe. That had to be devastating, but here he was, laughing. Had she laughed at all in the last three years? If she had, she didn’t remember it. Of course that first year after Joe’s death was a blur. Some days still were. Some days were just going through the motions so the people who loved her could worry a little less. She couldn’t keep on going like this, though.


How had he moved on? Did he know some trick? Have a great therapist? She wanted to know the secret. Maybe if she could talk to him for an hour, he’d tell her how he did it.






AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Lee Kilraine lives with her husband and children in the pine woods of North Carolina. When she isn’t typing away on her computer with her golden retriever, Harley, at her feet, you might find her on her front porch swing plotting her next book while guarding her hydrangea bushes from the local gang of deer. Lee is a 2014 Golden Heart Finalist. She loves writing and reading stories with a Happily Ever After and if they make her laugh…well, that’s perfect.


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Lee Kilraine, Janice Maynard, Irene Onorato, and Cynthia Tennent will be awarding a digital copy of all the books to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.



4 comments on “Christine Presents ~ Lyrical Press authors of contemporary romances

  1. leekilraine
    November 4, 2016

    Thank you for hosting us, Christine! CRAZY LOVE is book #3 in my small town contemporary Cates Brothers series. There are five brothers: Quinn (the cop) is sweet. Sijan (the movie star) is a bit cocky. Tynan (the former soldier) can be a pain in the ass, but a very sexy pain in the ass. *wink emoticon* Kaz (the computer genius) is laid-back cool. Paxton (the lawyer) is a sweet talker.

    I’d love for one of you to win Tynan’s story along with the other new books in this giveaway!

  2. achristay
    November 4, 2016

    Welcome to my blog. I hope you have a great tour.

  3. Thank you for hosting

  4. Cynthia Tennent
    November 4, 2016

    Thank you for hosting us, Christine!

    Cynthia Tennent
    “The Bookshop on Autumn Lane”

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