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The Healing Process: I’m focusing on what is most important to me.


Whether or not you are a Trump supporter or a Clinton advocate, this election has been more than controversial. I believe, at this point, we must come together on important issues that I think most of us agree with. Instead of buying into the he said she said or a tweet for a tweet, which tend to distract from the most important issues, I’ve decided to set my energy and my time toward topics essential to me.


These are important to me.


I look at our ever-changing climate and cannot believe some do not think climate change is real. Even in the 70s when I was in college, we studied climate change. I had friends who refused to have children because they didn’t want to bring them up on a dying earth. Climate change, pollution, and the diminishing ozone layer are not new concepts. Unfortunately, my generation was unable to make a difference or perhaps there were not enough of us who understood the concept. Of course, there were some hippies who changed to yuppies and capitalized on greed and what they could do for themselves.


The number of endangered species is increasing. Every animal, even those that give us the willies, has a place and a reason to be on earth. Each plays a part in keeping this beautiful planet alive. I think of the beautiful cats that are dying, the elephants and other species. And while I don’t want to see them in zoos, this may be the only way our children and grandchildren will be able to see their magnificence. Take the polar bear, with the decrease of the arctic ice there is nowhere for the animal to live. We cannot help this animal unless we can bring climate change under control.


Over the decades the white immigrant has taken everything from our Native Americans. Once again, with oil pipelines we are destroying their heritage and their lands. I for one cannot believe we let greed override existing treaties. What more will we take from the people.


President Elect Donald Trump wants to make burning the flag illegal and punishable by loss of citizenship. If he truly wants to keep America great, then what is his position on the Confederate flag? Just a few days ago I saw a huge truck traveling down Aumsville highway in front of my house flying a huge Confederate flag. Is this a lesser offense?


I’m sure my friends who voted for Trump believe in Women’s rights, the disabled should not be ridiculed, blacks are equal and different races and religions should not be forced to leave the country or persecuted by those who believe themselves superior. So, I call on you to support these values and take an active part in these issues.


Then of course health care is at the forefront of our discussions. We all want affordable health care. Social Security is not an entitlement and many of our elderly will become homeless if this is taken away. There are so many issues greater than emails that we have to address in the next four years.


I understand that one of the major issues here is pro choice vs. pro life. But to go backwards to the time when pregnant women who wanted an abortion were forced to go to back alley quacks who tried to abort the fetus with a knitting needle, is abhorrent to me. In many of these cases, both the woman and the fetus died. When women had no choice about the care of their bodies, only the rich who could afford to go to Europe could get an abortion.

Which brings me to the topic of family planning. Maybe I should stop now, but I taught fifteen year olds who were bringing up babies. They chose to keep the infants. I applaud them. They had a choice. Everyone should have a choice because there are thousands of reasons why these young people and older women became pregnant.


I used to be Republican and believed the way many of you do, but I was brought up in a loving, caring home. One that put their children before their needs, but when I started teaching, I saw the other side. This is not a perfect world. And many of our children do not live with the same love and care as others. We need to understand the needs of the have nots.


I could keep going but I’m beginning to feel as if I’m on a soapbox.


Please feel free to weigh in but please keep your language, tone and thoughts with the idea of our country healing and coming together. Time will tell if President Elect is truly a President for ALL people.


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