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I am a writer and avid reader of romances particularly historical romances. Please join me on my journey through time

What? I Don’t Watch TV!



Well, I’d like to say, as some, I don’t like to watch TV but that would be an alternative fact. For me, TV is a great way to relax and unwind. And that’s not fake news. As for binging a show, I can’t really say that I do that. Although I have my favorites.

The reality show, at the top of my list is Dancing With The Stars. I love the dancers and of course I have my favorites but sometimes I’ve never heard of the stars. Then there are The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Even though I understand this rarely realistic and seldom ends happily for the couples, I can’t seem to say no to watching these two show.

Most of my family think that because I write romance I like romantic¬†television shows. I don’t. My favorites are the mystery/suspense thrillers like Criminal Minds, All of the NCIS shows. The Blacklist and Bull, which is a fairly new show. I do enjoy the fantasy paranormal shows such as Grim and Once Upon a Time. This season my husband and I started watching Emerald City a spin off of The Wizard of OZ, in case you haven’t guessed.

What are your favorite shows?


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