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A Step Back To The Dark Ages



Nightmares took over my dreams last night. On the verge of going backwards, the environment is at stake. I cannot believe the EPA was axed in the name of creating jobs for coal miners. I don’t have anything against coal or job creation but there are other issues on the line.

There are more people who work in the field of clean energy than coal. Now maybe that’s because of the EPA. The statistic I heard on CNN was: 75,000 coal mining jobs and 655,000 clean air and energy jobs. Now it doesn’t take a math genius to see that more jobs are going to be lost than created.

The repercussions are exponential. Most I cannot comment on in a short blog post. And for those politicians who believe global warming is fake news, I believe they should go back to school or look at the facts and the research. When the ice masses are shrinking, there is global warming.

Global warming — air pollution — river pollution(drinking water) — animal extinction — and the list goes on.

What do you think of the President’s executive order to demolish the EPA?


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