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Hobbies When Not Writing: Does Such a Thing Exist?


Sunset in Windsor, California

Hobbies, writing, hobbies, writing… For me my hobbies settled on the bottom rung of my life a long time ago. Most of my time is spent writing, thinking about writing, blogging, thinking about blogging.

Now wait a minute…

No, I do spend a lot of time writing and blogging, but a huge amount of time is spent with family. Two of my grand daughters are playing T-ball. I love to watch them but rarely get out of town to watch the younger one. Every Sunday we have the family over for dinner and my husband and I babysit often.

Knitting is a hobby as well as cross stitch. I’m usually able to knit in the car on trips and I’m frantically trying to finish a Christmas stocking.

I guess jazzercise could be considered a hobby. I workout six days a week and love every, no, almost every minute. Occasionally my body says, Chris, you need a break.

Walking used to be important. Now, it’s hard to find time. Between my trips out of town and the trips to faraway places my walking partner takes, makes it hard to settle into a pattern or schedule.

Traveling is something else I love. I’m not sure it can be categorized as a hobby though. In the last nine months I’ve been to Italy, DC, Windsor and Disney Land.

What are your hobbies?


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